Quality Control


Aggregate Sizing

Most of our aggregates are naturally quarried, so there may be variations in size within each material. Most raw materials go through a screening process at the quarry, which are set up to separate different size materials. Some products are recycled, this will be noted in the product description or technical specification of the product. Where a product is recycled, it may contain some other material which is inevitable, however every effort is made to ensure the quality of the product is not affected and that the product is fit for use. If a product is not screened it will be described as “as dug”, meaning literally as it is dug from the ground.

Aggregates Colour Variation

There may be colour variations throughout our products which may differ slightly from the images on our website. While we take every measure to keep this to a minimum every piece cannot be checked. The consistency of the colour is not guaranteed due to the natural properties of the material supplied. At D&J, sample bags are available on request.

Aggregates Dust

As all our products are naturally quarried and are still in a raw state when they arrive with you, a percentage of dust will still be on the material, this is quickly dispersed once laid either by the course of nature when it rains or alternatively rinsing your laid material.

Organic Matter

D&J topsoil and compost are both screened and certified. This does not render them sterile and organic matter will be contained within the product. If left untouched, it is possible that plants will begin to grow in the bag. D&J cannot accept responsibility for any variations in the colour or spec of the products or the organic matter contained within. Technical Specifications are available on request.