The Secret Ingredient to a Low Maintenance Rose Garden

Bark is commonly referred to as a mulch, this is a term that simply refers to the material that covers the surface around the base of the plant, over the soil. There are many benefits of using bark as a mulch, especially if you want your rose garden to thrive all year round.

Bark is great if you want an easy to maintain rose garden as it will keep the weeds at bay for around 3 years, that means no weeding for 3 years! After which it will be a simple case of adding another layer –this is where poly bags can come in handy! Not only that but it also means your roses are protected both in the hot summer months as well as the icy winter months. The bark keeps the soil cool, breathable and stops it drying out in the summer and acts as insulation in the winter.

Another great benefit with using bark is the nutrients and structure it provides the soil as a biodegradable material. The bottom layer will break down gradually over time and will need topping every 2-3 years.

Not only is it practical but it is also aesthetically pleasing and will create a neat and tidy finish for your garden.

Here at D&J we supply everything you need to get started; Topsoil, compost, bark, weed membrane and pegs… all you need to add is the roses!!

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