Stone Wall Cross Country Jump

You will need

Our Stone wall cross country jump kit contains the following;

- 6 Gabion Baskets (0.5m x 0.5m x 0.5m)

- 1 and a half bulk bags of Gabion Stone

- Bespoke wooden frame

1. Choosing the position of your jump

Consider carefully where you would like this jump to be positioned within your cross country course, remember, when the baskets are filled with the stone these will not be moveable without them all being emptied first.

2. Construct the gabion baskets

Our gabion baskets come flat packed and all panels are attached together with stainless steel clips. Use the lacing wire provided and lace the corners of the baskets together to complete the cube, there is no need to lace the sides that are already clipped. Ensure to leave some lacing wire aside to lace the cubes closed once they are filled. Place the 6 cubes side by side in the position you would like the jump in the cross-country course.

3. Fill the baskets

The angular structure of the gabion stone we supply means it has the ideal interlocking abilities required to fill the baskets. We would advise the baskets are hand filled to ensure the larger pieces of stone are used to the outer edges of the basket and any small pieces in the bag are used in the middle. Take care when filling the baskets not to allow the structure to bulge, make sure you are filling upwards as oppose to outwards. One and a half bags of stone should be plenty to fill the 6 baskets.

4. Finishing touches

Once all 6 baskets are filled, close the lids and use the remaining lacing wire to lace the lids closed. You may want to give the stone a good hose to remove any dust and quarry residue and reveal the deep blue/ grey tones. Finally, add the finishing touch by positioning your bespoke wooden frame on top of the baskets and there you have it, your very own, stone wall cross country jump constructed in under 2 hours!!!

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