Sand Pit

You will need

The following guide is designed to help complete the project. You will need:-

• 3 x 2.4m Timber Sleepers
• 8 x 150mm Timber Screws
• 1 x Hex Driver Bit
• Weed Control Membrane
•  Playsand  (half bag)

The sleepers are rough sawn and so may require sanding to remove any
sharp edges.

1. Preparation of the Ground

Find a safe suitable spot in the garden to position your sandpit, an area with some shade would be ideal. Remove and turf and make sure that the ground is level and free of stones. If you are building the sand pit on an already prepared area, such as a patio or decked area, ensure that it will bear the weight of the sleepers, sand and playmates!

2. Construction of the Frame

Cut one of the sleepers exactly in half, lay the sleepers in a rectangular shape, with the narrowest sides on the ground and facing upwards.  Ensure that the sleepers are level (a spirit level may be useful here).  Next, use two 150mm timber screws at each corner to attach the sleepers together.  50mm of the length of the screw needs to drill into the adjoining sleeper to create a solid connection.

3. Add the weed control membrane

Cover the base and sides of your sandpit with weed control fabric to prevent weeds growing though soil contaminating the sand.

4. Filling the Sand Pit

You will need half a bag of play sand to fill the sand pit, empty it in and add the bucket and spade, sit back and relax whilst the children start digging! It may be advisable to cover the sand pit when not in use to ensure it stays clean.

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