Delivery Timescale

We aim to make all of our deliveries within 5 working days, however please note that all deliveries are subject to weather conditions and stock. We have a knowledgeable friendly Team who will be happy to assist you with any queries relating to delivery and will be able to help with any amendments.

Lifestyle products may be subject to longer delivery times

Access to Your property

Please make sure that the route to your chosen delivery address has no weight restrictions, is free from low hanging branches or obstacles (including parked cars), which may cause damage to, or obstruct delivery vehicles. Goods will be placed as near to your property as the driver deems safe. It is at the driver’s discretion whether the goods are left kerbside or on your property. If the driver considers your access unsuitable for whatever reason they are within their rights to refuse to unload or leave it as near as possible to the required destination. Vehicles are not obliged to enter your premises’, and do so only with explicit instruction from the customer who must be prepared to take full responsibly for loss or damage occurring as a result of the vehicle being ordered off the carriageway. Vehicles will not drive over neighbouring property or shared driveways unless express permission is given by all parties prior to the delivery being made and with no responsibility by either the Company or the Carrier for any loss or damage as a result.

Do You need to be present and sign?

You do not need to be present or sign, however deliveries can only be made onto your property if prior written permission via either special delivery instruction found on the order details, an email to or signing the ticket upon arrival of the vehicle and before the vehicle enters the property. If you are unable to be present and no prior instruction has been given, or if the driver deems the dispatch location to be unsafe, a kerbside delivery will be made and no signature is required. Please be aware that these bags are heavy and will not be relocated once dispatch has been made, not withstanding exceptional circumstances.

Delivery Terms

Before placing your order it is important that as the customer you understand and take full responsibility of this important delivery information. D&J will always endeavour to satisfy
your delivery requests however by agreeing to our terms and conditions it is the customers responsibility to ensure that circumstances and conditions are correct for the safe
completion of delivery.

It is at the delivery drivers discretion whether or not these circumstances and conditions are deemed to be safe and suitable for the delivery to be completed. We do not accept any liability for the consequences resulting from the positioning of bulk bags or other goods by the delivery driver.

These vehicles need a firm level surface to unload on and you must ensure that the delivery vehicle will have safe access to the unloading point. Where possible the driver will try and
leave your delivery where requested. In some cases we may require a 'drop-kerb'; in order to deliver. Please be aware that our lorries cannot deliver onto any form of slope, hill or incline. The unloading point must be free from any overhead obstructions. The driver will not unload where overhead cables are present under any circumstances.

Once you have selected your postal area during the quoting/buy process we are able to give you exact cost. Our bulk bags are non-returnable and we would like to encourage the
recycling of all such products.

D&J is keen to meet its customers individual delivery requests and we will always do our utmost to satisfy these demands. We are happy to deliver without the customer or representative present however we can accept no liability for any damage, theft or deterioration to customer property or goods dispatched.

The Company will not accept liability for non-delivery, where this is caused by circumstances beyond its control. If the delivery is unable to be completed or refused by the customer, the customer will be responsible for the delivery cost and any cost incurred by D&J to have the goods returned.


The customer has the right to cancel any order. However any cancellation must be made prior to dispatch, this means if the product is ordered before 13:00 this must be cancelled
by 16:00 on the same day. If ordered after 13:00, cancellation must be made before 16:00 the following day.

Cancellations should be made in writing via email. All cancellations must be sent to Please ensure you include your full name, order number and delivery postcode.

Customers may return the goods to D&J at their own expense within 7 working days from the day following the date of delivery or we will collect the goods and charge you the cost of return which will be a minimum of £50.00 per bag plus any zonal charges. The material must be untouched and uncontaminated. If there is evidence of either, the return will not
be accepted and in the case of Topsoil, no return will be accepted due to the risk of other air born organic matter contaminating the product.

Returned loads, if cancelled on route, will incur a return delivery charge of £50.00 per bag, this will be deducted from any refund due.

Where a delivery cannot be made due to access issues or unforeseen circumstances we will attempt a re-delivery at your request on a specific day for an additional fee. If you have any queries relating to this or any other issue please call us on 01354 740249.

Lifestyle products are non returnable/ refundable