Decorative Slate

Slate is a highly versatile and attractive solution for all manner of applications from paths, gardens, rockeries, fishponds and more: decorative slate can take many forms whether smaller slate chippings for use in areas of gardens to add a feature or larger slate stones to add interest and texture to a water feature.

Slate rocks, chipping and stones can be specified in various types as can be seen below from the ‘sharper’ Blue Slate to the smoother and rounded Plum Paddlestones variety - and there’s plenty of choice with colours and shades from the traditional grey look of our Charcoal Slate option to green, rustic and plum slate varieties.

Decorative slate can also change shade when wet so adding to the aesthetic of your space.

Decorative Slate Information and Services

Whether you’re planning a one-off project involving smaller amounts of decorative slate - perhaps a bag or two of slate rocks for a water feature - or you’re looking for a blue slate chippings bulk delivery for a larger scale commercial project, we can put over 30 years of decorative slate and aggregates supply expertise at your disposal.

To minimise waste and expense, we can supply in various bag quantities. As an example, for a large project a number of slate chippings bulk bag deliveries would be made while for a smaller project, such as a garden slate water feature, you may not require a full or even a half bag in which case a 25kg Poly bag might suffice. These are also popular for finishing off a project where just a small quantity of grey slate chippings or garden slate of some type is required to complete the work.

Slate Delivered

We’re highly flexible when it comes to slate delivered to your premises or location for your decorative slate project: our fleet of fully equipped lorries featuring the latest in crane and lifting tech can deliver in small to large quantities to time and on budget. A multi-tonne order of slate chippings delivered to a location of your choosing for a large scale commercial project at the right time can be organised easily via one call to our friendly team.

If your needs are smaller and you perhaps only require a bag or two of slate stones or chippings for a garden revamp, you’re welcome to call in and collect your order personally.

We also provide flexible terms and purchasing options ranging from business accounts with credit options for larger scale regular customers, and we’re equally happy to provide pay as you go and non-trade sales for occasional or one-off customers. Whatever your decorative slate requirements we’re more than happy to help.

Help Choosing Your Slate

Need some assistance in choosing your slate solution? We’d be happy to offer suggestions and ideas - we’re highly knowledgeable and can help with specific varieties such as urban slate.